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About Chemical Blending

In recent years, due to laws such as the Peace Act (Act on Registration and Evaluation of Chemical Substances, etc.) and the Corolla Act (Chemical Substance Management Act) and the Industrial Safety and Health Act, a lot of caution is required when using chemical substances in companies. There is. In particular, the Corolla Act regulates and manages toxic substances, prohibited substances with permission restrictions, and accident preparation substances as hazardous chemical substances. Dongyang Chemical manufactures and provides products in the desired concentration and capacity for consumers who are legally unable to use hazardous chemicals.

In addition to the usual sales capacity (1kg, 20kg, 200kg, etc.), it can be produced in the capacity desired by consumers.

This not only helps improve productivity by reducing the time taken for weighing, subdividing, and mixing, but also reduces the risk of safety accidents, improves the efficiency of storage space, and helps consumers to be free from the obligation to apply the Chemical Substance Control Act. There is.

Chemical manufacturing
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General cases of applicable laws and regulations according to concentration
  • If the content of hydrochloric acid is 10% or more, it is considered an accident-prepared substance or toxic substance
  • If the caustic soda content is more than 5%, it is considered a toxic substance
  • If the ethanol content is more than 60%, it is considered a dangerous substance

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